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Often times we get asked about whether it is better to overhaul engines in a particular vessel or replace them. It is a question that on the surface seems like a simple yes or no but upon further analysis it’s anything but simple!
These are the basic questions that you should ask yourself before you decide a big repower vs overhaul project.

How long do you want to keep the boat?

Do you want to customize the engine room during repower?

How much are you willing to spend?

Do you plan to resell the boat within the next ten years?

What else needs mechanical repair?

Is the vessel recreational or commercial?

New Diesel Engines

Re-powering with new diesel motors is the single best updade available to an aging vessel.

Re-Built Diesel Engines

A great option for engines designed to be rebuilt when they have exceeded their service life.

Used Engines

In the event that your motor cannot be replaced or re-built, used motors can keep you on the water.

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If you are going through the trouble to replace the main engines you will need to look into replacing other aged equipment as well. The areas which need attention are the engine mounts, exhaust system, sea water inlet system, fuel system, electrical system and control system.  


  • Almost all new engines come with new mounts but often the mounting brackets which bolt onto the engines’ blocks must be fabricated to facilitate custom stringers.  
  • Marine exhaust systems in pleasure boats have a safe useful life of 10-15 years. Even if the exhaust system looks like it can be modified, it won’t be as reliable as a brand new system.
  • The sea water inlet valves should be removed,disassembled and inspected before reuse. New sea water hoses and clamps are a must.  
  • The fuel hoses in a Marine engine room are subject to high temperatures and should be replaced during an engine repower or refit. Most engine manufacturers state that the fuel hoses are good only for 10 years.  
  • The electrical system should at a minimum receive new batteries and battery cables.
  • Often the controls will need to be replaced to go with a new engine set as the old controls become obsolete or impractical to match up. A benefit of new electronic control systems are the great features and options like easy docking, joystick control, dynamic positioning, advanced trolling and hand held cockpit/docking controls.
  • The engine room space in a salt water boat also has many other pieces of machinery that have a design life of 10-15 years. They too should be considered for replacement anytime engines are replaced. These include battery chargers, air conditioning compressors, water makers and fuel transfer pumps.
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